quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010

Wavegliders by the eyes of Willy Uribe

O Willy Uribe é um talentoso escritor e fotógrafo Espanhol com quem nos cruzámos em Salinas. Ele tirou algumas fotos fantásticas das nossas pranchas e gentilmente cedeu-nos algumas para que pudéssemos partilhar convosco.
Podem conhecer melhor o Willy e o seu trabalho em http://willyuribe.wordpress.com
Willy Uribe is a talented Spanish writer and photographer that we met in Salinas. He took some amazing photos of our boards and was very kind to send us some so everybody could see them.
You can find out more about Willy and his work at http://willyuribe.wordpress.com

Gracias Willy!!!

5 comentários:

  1. what's up guys, I reaaaally love the green chip!! It has adapted to life in Salinas, and has already become an instant favorite for me... and still a challenge! muito obrigado, wavegliders!

    Would love to see those Kassia pics on it. Keep up the good work.

  2. hi Nico and Fran

    I´m Iñaki, Telmo´s father, the kid you were surfing with. I also had the opportunity to try the board Fran has gotten and I loved it. In fact, Fran was faster than me to get it but I hope to have the opportunity to visit you in Portugal next year and ..,
    Enhorabuena for your work Nico and the best of luck for you

  3. Hey Iñaki, thanks, how you doing, and Telmo? Nice to have news about you.
    Yes Fran was faster :) maybe next year you take one back with you...

  4. Mr. Fran...! it makes me very happy that you are enjoying the chip that much, and the same is happening to me with my green nose rider, this board has given me so many hours of fun.
    it would be nice to surf again with you guys ;)